Un Petit Peu

When I began telling people that I was going to leave my job and apartment in Detroit, MI to move to Paris, they all had one common question, “But do you speak french?” Well my answer was always the same “un petit peu”. It means a little bit. I have been taking French on and off since I was 10 years old. In all honestly, I should be much better by now. Alas, with little practice in between, my French is dusty and at the level of a elementary student. One of my first plans of action is to enroll in a local language course. All I can picture is a bunch of people from all over the world trying to communicate in broken French and I cannot wait.

The general reaction was one of shock and awe. I was not expecting the overwhelming support and encouragement I received from literally every person I told. I will be the first person to admit that making moves like this can be crazy, so I would not have been offended if someone else agreed! (Maybe they do and just did not say it) This experience shows that I have surrounded myself with incredible, open minded, supportive people. These people are my fuel and motivation, without them this move would not be possible without them (it takes a village…) . One of the purposes of this blog is to continue to have interactions with this group of people and create a space where others can feel that support and encouragement. Going after your dream can be terrifying, having a supportive group can be the difference between flying and falling.

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