Becoming Accustomed

I knew moving to Paris would introduce me to a few new habits, however I did not expect to become so spoiled so soon. Let me tell you about a few things I have become accustomed to:

  • IMG_2808Warm towels: How I ever lived so long without warm towels after a shower, I will never know. It is pretty standard in Paris, and apparently Europe in general, to have a bath towel heater in your bathroom. My first thought was “that seems excessive, maybe in the depths of winter it might be necessary, but all year round?”. Let me tell you, I was SO wrong. My second or third shower at my flat, I decided to give this towel warmer a try. HEAVEN. That is all I can say. It has now become a staple in my shower routine. I am never going back to pre-warm towel life ever again. You can’t make me. I am also looking forward to all the warm fuzzy possibilities this will bring: warm blankets, warm socks, warm coats, etc.
  • Nespresso: So I am sure most people are familiar with the Keurig pods. I had used them at work and office places, but never had one. It seemed so wasteful. Even the inventor of Keurig wished he didn’t invent them. “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it,” said John Sylvan “Why? Because the K-Cups are bad for the environment — they are disposable and not recyclable.” Keurig says they have a plan to make recyclable K-Cups by 2020?! So when I moved into my flat and saw this strange Nespresso coffee machine, I assumed I also would not use it, not only because of the environmental impact, but also because I also assumed they were expensive. I did a little research and found out that each Nespresso pod is recyclable! People here actually care about the environment – what a refreshing change. I had passed a Nespresso store, and it looked pretty fancy so I figured it would be out of the budget. Another lesson to remind myself, STOP ASSUMING. I went in and discovered that a pack of 10 pods is €3,50, 35 cents per coffee. Now that is something I could get behind. On top of that, the coffee is actually delicious, and no dishes! (If you know me, you know that this is really the highlight of the entire experience). My favorite is the caramel one, because duh. My day starts like this; a hot shower, warm towels, and a super easy, tasty espresso (or two!). Are you jealous yet?
  • Baguettes: This one is probably pretty obvious but I felt it had to be said. Specifically since I live in a pretty touristy area, I thought it might be a challenge to find an authentic, reasonable priced baguette. After several taste tests (my life is so hard I know), I have discovered a little father/son boulangerie about 5 minutes from my flat. I don’t know if it is my divine luck or that they just make bread all day,  but each time I have been, my baguette is warm! The challenge now is to not eat the entire thing in one sitting!
  • Free Wifi: With all my issues I have had with the internet and getting a phone, I basically started living at Starbucks. However, it is even more expensive here then in the USA (€5.90 for a grande iced caramel macchiato, over $7 USD!). So I began looking else where. Free wifi is EVERYWHERE, no matter where I end up there is at least one place I can connect to! Sometimes it is the little things that matter most.
  • Being organized: Now this requires a little background so bear with me. For those who know me, I often present a very put together front. For those who REALLY know me, it’s all a facade. If you were to walk into my home, it would be riddled with piles; piles of clothes, papers, dishes, junk. I figured moving to a 300 sq foot flat would only increase this bad habit. It has actually had the opposite effect. Thanks to IKEA, my place is so wonderfully clean and organized that it inspires me to keep it that way! (sorry it took me so long Mom). However, this is really only possible because I came here with one suitcase, so most of the drawers and closets are mostly empty. In a few weeks, I will have 8 boxes of stuff heading my way and I am actually dreading it a bit. Living this minimalist life has been amazing. Unfortunately there are lots of necessities in my boxes, like coats and boots and more underwear/socks (I have been doing laundry often). I hope this new found clean, organized person stays around, only time will tell!

That is all I can think of for now!  The leaves in my courtyard have begun to change, which means only one thing: FALL. I think the only think I will love more then Paris in the summer, is Paris in the fall!


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