French Fashion: Stable, Solid, Pop

Paris is the fashion capital of the world, some may agree with that statement or not. It is true for this week at least as it is fashion week here in Paris (this is the smaller of the two fashion weeks held here). However, all the big names are involved and it is taking over the city. There is a giant catwalk at Trocadéro, meaning the backdrop is the …. Eiffel Tower. Wow. While I would love to see one of these shows, you have to be invited and be some sort of celeb, icon, millionaire, etc. Of which I am not, yet! What I have noticed is that French women truly have this confidence when it comes to their style, one that I desperately want to imitate. I have noticed 3 major trends sweeping the streets of Paris as we move into the fall weather. Let me jump right in:

*None of these are my photos, I didn’t want to be that creep taking pictures of people. In order they are from Adidas, Zara, H&M, Galeries Lafayette, Lancaster


So this is the hardest one for me to wrap my head around. I have never been a running shoe kind of girl, whether it be working out or just casual. However one thing most Parisian woman have in common is their versatility when it comes to matching sneakers with outfits. By far the most popular brand is Adidas. I see them EVERYWHERE, specifically the Stan Smith. Now who/what might that be I wondered one day. I asked my friend and he said that they are a vintage style that is just so popular they have never gone out of style. Stan Smith was a tennis player in the 70’s and he endorsed this particular model. But not just any Stan Smiths, no. Most popular? The green ones. White sneakers with a green detail on the back (see pictured above). They are paired with slacks, jeans, skirts, dresses on young girls, teens, women of all ages. The effect is a little jarring for me, but I finally bit the bullet and got myself a cheap knockoff pair from H&M (hey, I am on a budget!). Visually, still not a huge fan, but from a comfort perspective, wow. With all the walking I am doing, these have been life changing. I even wore a pair with a dress recently, le gasp! It does add a certain confidence to your step. You know you are wearing a rocking outfit, and you will feel great all day long thanks to your choice of footwear. Still warming up to this trend, I will keep you posted.


As the days grow a little cooler, outerwear has begun to make an appearance. Boxy, oversized men’s trenches seem to be all the rage. The look is just so chic. Crisp pants, perfectly pressed white top, and a flowy trench. Pair that with simple hair and red lipstick and the look is so effortless. I love how Parisian women can take clothing items associated with men’s fashion and make them appear so delicate and feminine. Yet without skin tight shapes or even the defining of a waistline. This is the most quintessential French look I have come across. And this is not new or a trend, this is timeless French fashion. Still evident on the streets of Paris today.


The Parisian woman does not seem to be very excited about patterns. This is a huge change for me, I LOVE patterns. Often the bigger the better. When I am walking about clothing stores, there are mostly items in solid colors. It may be hot pink, but it is all hot pink. When I see people on the street, they have solid clothes and accessorize with something that adds a pop of color. I have noticed that it is often a handbag with a bright tone. Yet still all one color. I suppose it adds to the timeless, effortless, chic style the French embody. Now I have also seen the opposite, all patterns. Pants, shirt, jacket, purse, all contrasting modge-podge of patterns. It produces the same effect, effortless. As if she is saying “try to tell me they don’t match, I dare you”. It is a bit arrogant but it just spews confidence. I am still figuring out how to capture this in my wardrobe (both the patterns and the confidence!).

Well, thats all I have to report at this time. As the temperature drops, more boots, scarves, and hats are making an appearance. Give me a month or two and I’ll share with you what trends I see gracing the streets of Paris in the winter. Au revoir!

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