Squeezing 26 years into 25m2

Bonjour! Here is the update for you: I am working! Between my company, working for an established tour guide company, and my Airbnb experience I am keeping busy! I need to be much better about keeping up to date on my blog. So here is the run down!

I got my boxes delivered! When I left the USA a few months ago, I had majorly downsized. I was living in a two bedroom apartment in Detroit and managed to get my whole life down to 8 boxes, a suitcase, and a backpack. Oh and a cat! Once I had an address for my apartment in Paris, I organized the shipment of those boxes. 8 weeks later, I got an email saying that the boxes would be delivered in 2 days! Not a lot of warning, but enough. I did some quick organizing then braced myself for impact.

First, I forgot how HEAVY I made the boxes. Yikes. Just carrying them up the one flight of stairs to my flat was very difficult. Then the unpacking. You know the expression, your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Well, if this wasn’t the living embodiment of that sentiment… I just kept emptying things out. My goal was to get the physical cardboard boxes out and just deal with the stuff. I quickly realized this was maybe not the best idea as I soon could not walk anywhere. Even my cat was struggling.

Slowly, I tried to make sense of what I had decided I couldn’t live without. It had been 3 months since I packed the boxes, honestly I forgot about some of the stuff that was in there! Some fun surprises, some not.

All in all, its been great. Nothing like having coffee in your own mug, putting on your slippers, and using your coasters to get your day going. I realized I had felt like I was living in a hotel, fun and exciting but not home. On a practical note, it has been very useful. The weather here has become chilly and I was in desperate need of my sweaters and coats. When I arrived it was in the middle of summer, so that one suitcase I brought was not so relevant anymore.

The biggest challenge has been my clothes. They were all clean when they went into the boxes, but the came out smelling a bit musty and funky. So I began the process of washing them all. I, like most Parisians, do not have a dryer. I have a rack that I air dry things on. Well I had 7 loads to do, hard to hang that much around my small flat. So it has been a process. Six days later and I still have 2 loads left. Clothes (especially sweaters) take several days to dry. Plus I am out of hangers, back to Ikea I go!

I have gotten into the bullet journal trend! I know, so basic. But I just cannot pass up charming paper products! I also love colorful pens. I wanted a fun way to document my time in Paris! Check out a few of the pages I have started on.

I know I said the weather had gotten chilly, and it generally has. But of course within 2 days of getting my boxes, Paris has had a freak few days of over 70 degree weather! Back to sundresses and sandals for now! Check out this picture I snapped the other day from the Pompidou Center!


That’s all for now, just remember if you haven’t heard from me in while, its because I am just having such an amazing time in Paris! Or I have drowned in all my stuff, could go either way!

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