Working in a Postcard

Fall has officially arrived here in Paris. We had daylight savings end last weekend (Oct. 29), which means it gets very dark very early now. So maybe Fall is not quite so accurate, dare I say Winter has arrived? Either way, I get to wear scarves now which makes me very happy. Now my next purchase will be waterproof shoes that I can walk around in all day! Currently averaging 15,000-20,000 steps on the days I give tours, so need my feet to be warm and dry all day long.

Without fail, on each tour someone always asks: Do you enjoy living in Paris? My answer is always a resounding YES. I get to show people around the city that I love, talking about some of my most favorite topics each day. It is a dream. I feel like I live in a postcard. Don’t believe me? Michelle, Paris can’t all be picture perfect? I am here to tell you that it is. Here are some shots I have taken just on my daily routine of errands, groceries, and work.


I get all sorts of questions on my tours, here are a few of the highlights so far:

How much water is in the Seine? 

Why on earth would you need to know this? If I told you it was 20,000 tons or 1 million gallons or 100,000 liters, what would you do with that information? FYI I did google this and could not find an answer. My response now (yes I have had this question multiple times) is the Seine ranges from 3.5-5.7 meters in depth and runs over 700 km long, so a lot of water

Where is the best place we can go to eat frog legs? Like authentic, not touristy.

French people don’t really eat frog’s legs like westerners go for burgers. Almost every place in Paris serving frogs legs that isn’t a super fancy very expensive restaurant will be touristy. I try to steer them towards a few authentic French restaurants I know.

How did Marie Antoinette get here from Australia?

I very politely explain the difference between the European country of Austria (the birthplace of Marie Antionette) and the land down under. She took a caravan of carriages across the countryside which took more then a month.

Why is it raining?

I don’t even try to answer this one. If you didn’t pay attention to the water cycle in school, I am not going to be the one to do it. I laugh and say Paris is more beautiful in the rain! (Thanks Owen Wilson, Midnight in Paris)

Every day, more questions. Normally I get a lot of questions about topics I am going to cover at some point in the tour. I answer, spoilers! They always apologize profusely but I let them know that I love when I get questions like that. If people are asking questions about topics I don’t talk about, it means I am not talking about what you want to hear! I absolutely love getting questions, silly or far-fetching or otherwise. It means people are engaging with me. When I have a completely silent group, I will know I am doing something wrong (hasn’t happened yet!).

I have come to the conclusion that if I am to stay in this city, I will have to always be a tour guide. All that walking works off my diet of wine, cheese, and baguettes!


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