Bonne Année!

Happy 2019 from Paris, France!

I have seen a lot of posts about resolutions and self improvement and “new year, new me” during the first week of this new year. I want to take an opposite approach. There is nothing about 2018 I regret, if anything I hope that 2019 brings more of what happened to me in 2018. I think last year was the best year of my life.

Here are a few items I am especially proud of:

  • establishing an international friend group
  • improving my French
  • trying a myriad of new foods (I eat seafood now, who knew!)
  • spending my office hours at castles, wineries, and centuries old historical monuments
  • expanding my knowledge on French history and culture
  • being unequivocally happy and fulfilled

2018 brought the best St. Patricks day, dreamy birthday, explosive Bastille day, exuberant World Cup Championship, thankful Thanksgiving, happy Christmas, and celebratory New Years. I could not love 2018 any more if I tried.

With that said, I will admit to a few small resolutions for 2019 and they are as follows:

  • update my website more often
  • visit at least 2 new countries
  • maintain my current course of happiness

I want to spend the next few months sharing some of my favorite places I visited last year, give you insights into tours I will be starting this year, and offer tips and recommendations for when you arrive here in the City of Lights.

I have included pictures from the entirety of 2018, my visual recap for you. I can’t wait to share what 2019 holds for me. Best wishes to you for this new year!


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