Parisian [Polar] Vortex

Happy (almost) Valentine’s day! I know most of you just survived a polar vortex that swept across the United States. So this post is dedicated to you. Paris has experienced some below average temperatures here as well, although incomparable to what you all potentially faced.

Fun fact: -40 is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

While we did not reach true polar vortex conditions, Paris did get to see a bit of snow in January. This is still unique for Paris as 2018 was the first time Paris saw snow in over 5 years! For just a few hours, the city of light became the city of snow. Which meant, of course, that I had to go out and document it!

I also got to experience my first tour in the snow. This was less fun for me but a lot of fun for my clients. Seeing Paris in the snow is truly a magical sight – until a few hours later when the cobblestones can’t be plowed, the metro lines are frozen, and the city comes to a standstill. Or when I got my group up to the second floor of the Eiffel tower and everyone was frozen. Your pick.

As beautiful as Paris is in the snow, I for one am eagerly awaiting Paris in the spring. We are just starting to see the tips of a few lone spring crocus sprout out in the barren flower beds. Fall always used to be my favorite season but Paris in the spring has converted me. Wishing you all the love for Valentine’s Day!

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