Don’t let them see you shiver

This is the first time I have been in Paris in the winter. Each time I lived/visited previously was between the months of May-September. I was not sure what to expect, weather-wise. Paris has such a range! We have had days that were just brutally cold. Windy, no sun, rain. But we have had a... Continue Reading →

Officially official, for a few months at least!

I survived the dreaded OFII appointments! For those of you unfamiliar with the French bureaucratic system the OFII is the Office for Immigration and Integration. The process (currently- it is constantly changing) involves two appointments: first a medical visit and then an administration one. The medical appointment was very efficient. I felt like I was on... Continue Reading →

Working in a Postcard

Fall has officially arrived here in Paris. We had daylight savings end last weekend (Oct. 29), which means it gets very dark very early now. So maybe Fall is not quite so accurate, dare I say Winter has arrived? Either way, I get to wear scarves now which makes me very happy. Now my next... Continue Reading →

Squeezing 26 years into 25m2

Bonjour! Here is the update for you: I am working! Between my company, working for an established tour guide company, and my Airbnb experience I am keeping busy! I need to be much better about keeping up to date on my blog. So here is the run down! I got my boxes delivered! When I... Continue Reading →

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