Becoming Accustomed

I knew moving to Paris would introduce me to a few new habits, however I did not expect to become so spoiled so soon. Let me tell you about a few things I have become accustomed to: Warm towels: How I ever lived so long without warm towels after a shower, I will never know. It... Continue Reading →

Treating Paris like a Dog

One of the first people I met here was my airbnb host's partner. It was a chaotic time for me, since I have my cat, Remy, with me and was a bit nervous going alone. When I arrived, this unknown man greeted me and welcomed me into the apartment. Of course everything everyone said to... Continue Reading →

Adjusting to the French Pace of Life

Bonjour! With almost 2 weeks under my belt, I am slowly (and happily) adjusting to the French pace of life. My first observation is that no one is in a rush (except when they are in the metro)! That applies to waiters, shop workers, bankers, airbnb hosts, and cell phone store workers. Fortunately, this slower... Continue Reading →

Series of Fortunate Events

I have officially made it to Paris! My long and crazy journey got both myself and my cat, Remy, here safe and sound! Yes, I brought my cat to Paris! Getting him through customs was surprisingly easy. The customs agent looked at me and said "quelle? un chat?", stamped my passport and off we went.... Continue Reading →

Let me introduce myself! My name is Michelle Methven. I was born in Toronto, Canada and have spent my entire life moving. I am constantly asked "Is your father in the military?" My answer was always no, however his father (my grandfather) was in the Canadian Armed Forces and I think the moving bug is... Continue Reading →

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